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Reuben and Stephanie Stringers dream of starting a farm began with a simple backyard garden, a flock of hens, and a growing desire to feed their family self-sufficiently. After years of learning and becoming passionate about regenerative agriculture, the Stringers, with daughters Cadence and Annalee, finally traded in their modern suburban house for an old farmhouse on 37 acres in the summer of 2020. This old farm came with several challenges, such as neglected and weedy pastures, and aging outbuildings to name a few. To say the least, the property was in serious need of restoration.

Within a couple months of moving in the Stringers removed the old, barbed wire fence and replaced it with 5-wire, high tensile fence. The next step was to install freezeless faucets around the pastures. With the bare necessities completed, they brought their first six cattle home. This was the beginning of Vale Creek Farm.


Providing Healthy, Clean Food to the Local Community

Vale Creek Farm strives to provide healthy, clean food for the local community, while implementing regenerative agriculture practices. We operate with an emphasis on animal husbandry, raising our livestock ethically.


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