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Farm fresh eggs

Pastured Eggs

Our hens are moved on to new pasture regularly to give them optimal foraging of bugs and grass. This makes the best eggs with firm, orange yolks, and amazing flavor. We give them supplemental feed with no corn or soy, and grain that is farmed locally. 

Available at our farmstand 7 days a week, occasionally we sell out, so please call ahead.

Grass fed beef

Grass Fed and Finished Beef

Our small cattle herd is well loved and cared for, ensuring a humane life. They are rotated onto new pasture regularly, and are 100% grass fed and finished.

Beef s
hares are sold as follows:

Whole, Half & Quarter shares

$4.00 per lb hanging weight
$.90 per lb butcher fee
$50 per quarter slaughter fee

Next butcher date 7/15/2023


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