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Our Animals

Young hens enjoying pastured life


We started out with day old chicks in the brooder in the Spring of 2022. They are now housed in an egg-mobile, which is moved on to new pasture regularly. They forage for bugs and grass and are fed with no corn or soy and grain farmed small scale from a local farm.  


We brought our first cows to the farm in the spring of 2021. They are moved onto fresh pasture regularly, and interacted with daily. These cows are well loved. We limit the necessity of vets by using holistic management practices and hands on daily care. We do not vaccinate our livestock, and limit the use of antibiotics to extreme circumstances.

Heifer calf basking in the sun and enjoying spring grass
Our farm dogs

Tuck & Eli

Tuck and Eli are our farm dogs, but mostly they just bark a lot.

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